Hall of Fame - Batting | Knights Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
114589645015385093492386145Stephen M BurkKnights2020/2021KSCA 8th Grade2 1St Virgil's
2856982761538509353753485Andrew J CornishKnights2020/2021KSCA 1st Grade4 1Montagu Bay Sharks
3708631271538509353752270Mark G BrazendaleKnights2020/2021KSCA 1st Grade1 1Wellington
4698558071538509346451669*Benjamin P CornishKnights2020/2021KSCA 5th Grade4 1New Norfolk
5661422501538509349238966Scott R ParishKnights2020/2021KSCA 8th Grade3 1Montagu Bay Sharks
6648356761538509346451664Jacksyn C MannKnights2020/2021KSCA 5th Grade4 1New Norfolk
7638964501538509349239263*Stephen M BurkKnights2020/2021KSCA 8th Grade4 1Claremont
86211538961538509346451962Samuel I LawrenceKnights2020/2021KSCA 5th Grade5 1Claremont
9612995771538509353752261Michael SneldersKnights2020/2021KSCA 1st Grade1 1Wellington
106010828121538509346451260*Michael A BoucherKnights2020/2021KSCA 5th Grade3 1Lindisfarne
116010828121538509349238360Michael A BoucherKnights2020/2021KSCA 8th Grade1 1Sandford
12566837681538509365085756*Anthony P MarrKnights2020/2021KSCA T20 Super Bash - 1st Grade1 1New Norfolk
13558177511538509349239555Nicholas J BurkKnights2020/2021KSCA 8th Grade5 1Molesworth
14532479191538509353752653Thomas J AustenKnights2020/2021KSCA 1st Grade2 1New Norfolk
15532995771538509365093153Michael SneldersKnights2020/2021KSCA T20 Super Bash - 5th Grade1 1MacKillop Cricket Club
16516982711538509353752651Matthew L McConnellKnights2020/2021KSCA 1st Grade2 1New Norfolk
17508356761538509353752250Jacksyn C MannKnights2020/2021KSCA 1st Grade1 1Wellington
18502479191538509346450450Thomas J AustenKnights2020/2021KSCA 5th Grade1 1Gretna Cricket Club
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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